Month: November 2013

Start With Why Review

Start With Why I just finished “Start With Why” and highly recommend it. It's full of examples of why it's more important to start with your “why” (your purpose, cause or belief) over what most people start with, the “what.” The author walks through many examples in the book. Some are personal, and some are company based, but I found all of them interesting and ...[Read More]

Gentle Persuasion – Sounds of the Bayou Review

Gentle Persuasion – Sounds of the Bayou When I first put “Sounds of the Bayou” in the stereo, I thought I was going to love it. It sounded just like sitting by a lake as the sun went down. Crickets and other sounds felt right and relaxing. Then 50 seconds in, growling? I'm a northern boy and won't pretend to know what it is, but it's not relaxing. Thankfully it didn't last very l...[Read More]

Echoes of Nature, Rainforest Review

Echoes of Nature, Rainforest In 2008 I was on the hunt for great nature soundtracks. I ended up purchasing over a dozen CD's, and this one has become a favorite. The CD, titled “Echoes of Nature, Rainforest,” is an hour long and consists of three blended tracks. The first track is titled “Jungle Rain.” It's a mix of light rain, crickets, and occasional bird song. While very...[Read More]

Atlantic Media Shelves Review

Atlantic Media Shelves My home office was nearing completion and I needed to furnish it with a couple of bookcases. I also had some bookcases in my living room that were being used to hold my DVD and BluRay collection. While they looked good, it was a very inefficient way to store them as the bookshelf was designed to hold large books, much larger than a DVD or Bluray case. So I began searching fo...[Read More]

Bostonian Prescott Shoe Review

Bostonian Prescott Shoe I've a hard time finding shoes as I need a minimum width of 4E, and there just doesn’t seem to be a lot of business shoes out their that come in wide widths. I’ve also become use to the comfort and simplicity of the “loafer” slip on business shoe as they are extremely comfortable, look great (no tassels!) and are easy on and off. Enter the Men's Bostonian Prescott Slip-On. ...[Read More]

The Energy Bus Review

The Energy Bus Are you looking for an “easy to read” book to give you some motivation? If you are, I would like to suggest “The Energy Bus.” This book starts off following a man who feels like most of us do: worn out, tired, irritable, and struggling to get through every day. However, as the story progresses he learns several simple rules that help him look at things with a new perspec...[Read More]

Fitbit Review

Fitbit One On January 1st, 2012, after hitting a new high on the scale, I took the plunge and ordered my first electronic pedometer. After doing some research I decided on the FitBit brand. While it was a little pricey, the fact that it only needed to be charged once a week and wirelessly synced to my PC were two major convenience features that I wanted. After setting up my FitBit account and char...[Read More]

Product Review: NordicTrack T5.7 Treadmill

NordicTrack T5.7 Treadmill Nobody wants to buy an expensive cloths hanger, so when you're shopping for a treadmill you want to find one you'll feel comfortable running on. And it's also a big plus if you can find one that's personally recommended, but finding someone who actually uses their treadmill isn't always easy. However, today you can have both as I'm reviewing my NordicTrack T5.7 Treadmill...[Read More]

Yurbuds Review

Yurbuds – Earbuds which don't fall out The faster you jog, the more likely your normal earbuds headphones aren't going to stay in. This was the problem my wife and I were having this summer as we kept increasing the speed at which we did our morning runs. Now I do own (and have tested) many different types of ear buds. From new and old Apple models, to the soft foam type, to the gel type. Bu...[Read More]

iPod Shuffle Review

iPod Shuffle MP3 Player I’ve recently seen a lot of runners wearing their smartphones strapped to their arms as they run. I’ve looked into the prices of those cases but wasn’t convinced that I wanted to spend $35 to lug around smart phone as I ran. Looking at what else was on the market, I came across the iPod shuffle. This thing is small, so no worries at all about the extra weight while I jog. A...[Read More]

ASICS Gel-180 TR Review

ASICS Men's Gel-180 TR Running Shoe A few months into my new found pastime of jogging, my old tennis shoes were wearing out. So, I set out to find a new pair of high quality running shoes. The only problem I had was, I need 4E or wider for my big feet. Asking around, I heard of a brand of running shoes named ASICS. Apparently this is an acronym for the phrase, “anima sana in corpore sano,...[Read More]

The Success Principles Review

The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be At the time that I picked up this book I was looking for a “spark,” something motivational to help get from where I was to where I wanted to go. Let me just say that the “The Success Principles” was that and a whole lot more. The book is laid out in in a very logical manner. It starts with walking...[Read More]

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