Month: December 2013

Total Stretch for Beginners Review

Total Stretch for Beginners I took up jogging this March, and after nine months have settled into the rhythm of jogging every other day. But for some time I wasn't sure what to do with on the off days? As an automation specialist, I spend my days either in front of a keyboard, or behind a steering wheel. As a result, the older I get the less flexible I feel. In fact, if I working outside for awhil...[Read More]

Nature’s Enchantment Review

Nature's Enchantment Review If you're looking for audio to relax to after a stressful day, let me recommend the Nature's Enchantment CD by Marina Raye. From evening crickets, to peaceful stream-side bird song, to the sound of waves lapping the shore, these natural backgrounds blend in perfectly with the peaceful rhythm of Marina's flute. Just a few minutes sitting back listening to this album quic...[Read More]

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone Review

Spigen Tough Armor Case for iPhone When I decided to get an iPhone, I also knew I was going to need a tough case to protect it. Virtually everyone I talked to, including the Verizon Wireless rep, said the iPhone 5 and 5s screens were easy to crack. When I purchased an iPhone 5 for my son a  year earlier, I opted for the strongest case I could find: The OtterBox Defender. A year later, his phone is...[Read More]

The Happiness Advantage Review

The Happiness Advantage Want to dispel the myth that to be successful you need to keep your “nose to the grind stone” for 45 years? Well, how many “nose to the grind stone” people do you know who are happy, even in retirement? Well the author of this book, Shawn Achor, proposes in it that “happy” people have a definite measurable advantage over serious, no time ...[Read More]

Anker Replacement Cell Phone Battery Review

Anker Replacement Cell Phone Battery My HTC Thunderbolt was randomly shutting off. And it really became annoying after the hundredth time (actually, much sooner.) So, realizing this was the result of a dying battery, I jumped online to see about ordering a replacement. To my surprise, I found a company called Anker was selling cell phone battery replacements fairly cheap. And in additional to grea...[Read More]

Sauder Heritage Hill Desk Review

Sauder Heritage Hill Desk As my home office neared completion this summer, I began the process of looking for a desk. My budget was $500 max, with the hope of spending much less. My preference was for a desk 60″ wide, as that was the best size for the spot I had picked out. I also needed a cherry finish to match some existing bookshelves. And I needed the front of the desk to look good, as I...[Read More]

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