Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives


There is such a huge speed difference between rotating and solid state drives that anyone who’s looking to add some new life to a low or under-powered PC should seriously consider upgrading to one, and today I recommend two budget options I’ve purchased multiple times.

Note: If you’re unfamiliar with SDD’s, check out this short commercial free video which does a good job explaining them.

The first and lowest cost option is the Kingston Digital 120GB SSDNow.2.5 inch drive.

It has an average price of $40, supporting a Data Transfer Rate of 6gps as well as Sata 3 0.

With a read and write speed of 450, it’s not the fastest drive, by pretty close.

The second option is for those with a little more cash is the PNY 240GB CS1311 2.5″ Drive.

It has double the space as the Kingston above, and an average price of $65.

It also support SATA 3 0 connections, and has a higher read and write speed of 550 MB/s seq. read and 520 MB/s seq write.

Both models were easy to install, and have worked so flawlessly since I first put them in last year that I recently ordered more to refurbish some old laptops for my grand kids.

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By Shawn M Tierney