Atlantic Media Shelves Review

Shawn's Atlantic Media Shelves

Atlantic Media Shelves

My home office was nearing completion and I needed to furnish it with a couple of bookcases. I also had some bookcases in my living room that were being used to hold my DVD and BluRay collection. While they looked good, it was a very inefficient way to store them as the bookshelf was designed to hold large books, much larger than a DVD or Bluray case.

So I began searching for new shelfing options for my movie collection. I considered those movable shelves you can buy at Home Depot. However, outfitting a wall this way is as expensive as buying bookcases, and you also need to invest dozens of bookends which run $5 a set.

After searching far and wide I decided on the Atlantic Media Shelves, aka Atlantic CD Case Oskar Media Cabinet for 756 CDs or 360 DVDs. I was a  little concerned as it only received a 3.5 out of 5 star rating, but the size, capacity, and price were right so I took the plunge and ordered three.

The units arrived on time and with no damage. Setup was much like any other boxed furniture, simple but time consuming. The resulting units were sturdy, but due to their narrow deapth they need to be bolted to the wall to insure they don’t fall over. While many online complained about this, it states this clearly in the product documentation and the incuded hardware and predrilled holes made it a very simple task.

Conclusion: Having had these three media shelves now for six months I would recommend them to anyone who needs efficient shelving to store their DVD’s and BluRays. However, I would not recommend buying these unless you’re going to secure them to the wall, especially if you use them on a carpeted floor.

By Shawn M Tierney