Backdrop Support System

Backdrop Support System

Vendor’s DescriptionPhotography Backdrop Support System/Crossbar – 2x 8 feet Stands and 10ft Cross Bar with Carrying Case

May is “Home Studio” month at Shawn ‘s Reviews, and all month long we’ll be reviewing items large and small which you may come to find quite useful if you are putting together your own recording space.

Review: If you’re not looking to mount your backdrop permanently, this portable backdrop support system might be for you.

The height of this unit is adjustable from three to nine feet, and the maximum width is 9’6″ when all three support bars are used.

I’ve found the unit easy to setup and take down, especially if you start with the height set to around 4′, an the raise each side to the height you’re looking for.

In the end it’s an affordable and simple backdrop support system for those folks looking for a less permanent solution.

Reviewed by Shawn M Tierney

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