Echoes of Nature, Rainforest Review

Echoes of Nature Rainforest

Echoes of Nature, Rainforest

In 2008 I was on the hunt for great nature soundtracks. I ended up purchasing over a dozen CD’s, and this one has become a favorite.

The CD, titled “Echoes of Nature, Rainforest,” is an hour long and consists of three blended tracks.

The first track is titled “Jungle Rain.” It’s a mix of light rain, crickets, and occasional bird song. While very relaxing, when I’m in a more sunny mood I’ll often skip this track and move on to the next track.

Track one eventually morphs into track two, titled “Jungle River.” It’s a smooth transition, with the rain slowly fading out while the sound of a small stream fades in. Crickets (I love the sound of crickets) join the sound of water, as does the occasional sound from other animals. Fortunately, none of the animal sounds are jarring or obnoxious.

Track two eventually blends into track three, “Bird Song,” and this track is all birdsongs. It’s sounds just like a walk through the forest on a sunny morning. Some birds are nearby, while others are far off in the distance. And every once in a great while you’ll hear the short buzz of an insect fly by the microphone, but it doesn’t distract from the overall sound of the track.

If you’re looking for a nature CD to use for relaxation, background noise, or to fall asleep to, I highly recommend “Echoes of Nature, Rainforest.” I give it five stars and Shawn’s editor’s choice award.

Note: if you pick this CD up at Amazon using the included link you will have instant access to listen to the tracks via their “Auto Rip” feature. Very Cool Amazon!

By Shawn M Tierney