Fancierstudio 6×9-Feet Chromakey Green Screen Kit

Fancierstudio Chromakey Green Screen Kit

Vendor’s Description: Complete Chroma key green screen kit with lighting and backdrop support system. Great for transporting your photo and your youtube video

Review: Attention wannabe streamers: this is the product for you. Anyone looking to produce a stream or podcast where they want a chromakey background, this set will work great. The frame for the backdrop is sturdy, easy to setup and breakdown, and works well. The backdrop is large and can be folded to fit whatever size you might need. The lights are beautiful and come with everything. You need. Like the frame they break down nice and adjust easy. It all breaks down to fit in a duffel which comes with the package. My one major critique is that a

single layer of the green screen isn’t really enough to work well. You need to have at least 2 layers to have a solid, non-translucent effect.

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