Heavy Duty Muslin Clamps

Heavy Duty Muslin Clamps

Vendor’s Description: Heavy Duty Muslin Clamps 4.5 inch long, 2 inch mouth opening maximum. Very strong to fit most stands, pack of 6 clamps

May is “Home Studio” month at Shawn ‘s Reviews, and all month long we’ll be reviewing items large and small which you may come to find quite useful if you are putting together your own recording space.

Review: We’ve previously reviewed different backdrops and backdrop stands, but in most cases you’ll also want clamps to hold your backdrops taunt and in place.

And while there are a lot of clamps out there, trying to find inexpensive models that are up to the task can be a challenge.

When I originally purchased these clamps, while they did work some of the handles were quite brittle, and the orange tips didn’t grip as well as they could have.

However, the last batch I purchased had improved with stronger handles and more grip, and I can now recommend them as a good option for low cost clamps.

Reviewed by Shawn M Tierney

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