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Nulink Light Box

Vendor’s Description: Nulink™ 16inch Table Top Photography Photo Studio Light Cube with Carrying Bag Kit, Camera Stand, two 120V 50W lamps, and four color backdrops

May is “Home Studio” month at Shawn ‘s Reviews, and all month long we’ll be reviewing items large and small which you may come to find quite useful if you are putting together your own recording space.

Review: If you’re looking for a small inexpensive light box you my want to take a look at this one.

First, the unit’s top can be flipped over in case you want additional light to come in from above, or you want to position your camera directly above the object you’re taking a picture of.

Second, it comes with four color fabrics to shoot on top of.

Third, it also comes with two small lamps to help light the sides of your object.

Finally, it also included a simple tripod great for small point and shoot cameras.

And the unit completely breaks down into a flat square for easy storage.

A great little light box for anyone on a budget.

Reviewed by Shawn M Tierney

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