One Foot Extension Cords

One Foot Extension Cords

Vendor’s description: Reclaim full use of your power outlets! Get bulky chargers and AC adapters out of the way by using these foot long extension cords. 10 pack also includes 10 cable ties for FREE, so you can clean up messy charging cord fiasco around your home and office.

Review: These days so many products come with large, ugly wall warts.

You know, those big heavy plugs with transformers inside that cover up several other outlets when plugged in?

Well a few years back I noticed one of my colleague using these small, one foot extension cords to stop his wall warts from taking over his power strip.

Instantly I though of several place back home where I could use them, but at the time they were running three bucks a piece, which seemed a little high considering a power strip can be picked up for five.

However just last year I found them on sale in this ten pack, and picked one up for use in my home office.

So if you’re tired of losing half the outlets in your power strip to big unwieldy wall warts, check out this affordable ten pack of one foot extension cords.

Reviewed by Shawn M Tierney

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