Sauder Heritage Hill Desk Review

Sauder Heritage Hill Desk

Sauder Heritage Hill Desk

As my home office neared completion this summer, I began the process of looking for a desk. My budget was $500 max, with the hope of spending much less.

My preference was for a desk 60″ wide, as that was the best size for the spot I had picked out. I also needed a cherry finish to match some existing bookshelves. And I needed the front of the desk to look good, as I would be facing my office door.

As I started looking around I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find a desk that met those three criteria. I searched online for hours over multiple days, and in my budget and color there wasn’t a whole lot of options.

I initially purchased a Desk shell, which is just a flat tabletop with three sides. However, when it arrived there was obvious damage. On closer inspection the packaging was not be suitable for the desk’s weight. Upon opening the rest of the box I found additional dents and scratches, so I called the vendor and received a refund.

Not wanting to take a chance ordering a similar item, I opted for the more expensive and more professional looking Sauder Heritage Hill Desk. As you can see from the picture, it’s a classic office desk in cherry finish. In came in a box on a small pallet, and to my relief I didn’t find any damage at all when I opened and assembled it.

Overall, I’m happy with this desk. It’s not going to be confused with an expensive wooden desk, but if you’re on a tight budget and looking for something that appears professional I think you’ll be happy with this model. However, I do recommend putting a piece of Plexiglas or plastic over the top of the desk to preserve the finish.

By Shawn M Tierney