Start With Why Review

start with why

Start With Why

I just finished “Start With Why” and highly recommend it. It’s full of examples of why it’s more important to start with your “why” (your purpose, cause or belief) over what most people start with, the “what.”

The author walks through many examples in the book. Some are personal, and some are company based, but I found all of them interesting and insightful.

Whether it’s Apple, Walmart,  or Starbucks, the author walks through how, when their founders left, their “why” started to become fuzzy. And the fuzzier the “why” became, the more those companies began to focus on the “what,” which had disastrous results.

So if you feel like you need to reconnect with your purpose and vision, I highly recommend this book. I would like to highly recommend “Start With Why” to all leaders and business owners out there. If we could get all our boses to read this book it would go a very long way to improving our country’s chronic “employee morale” problem.

By Shawn M Tierney