Velcro Cable Tie 100 Pack

Velcro Cable Tie 100 Pack

Vendor’s description: 100 Pack of adjustable, reusable, & low profile Black Velcro Brand Thin Ties. Too Long? Cut to length. Too Short? Easily combine them. Economical, durable, adjustable and low profile. Wraps onto itself for secure hold. Great, reusable, alternative to zip ties.

Review: I found these Velcro cable ties on sale last year for $6 and picked them as behind several of my TV’s and Computers were cabling nightmares.

When they came in I found that these aren’t the thick software cable ties you’ll often see selling a few in a package for $10 or more. No, these are thin and a little abrasive, but given the fact they will be holding wires together and not handled much, that didn’t bother me.

As I was putting them on I also found two things they publisher suggests to be very helpful.

  1. If you only have a couple of cables, go ahead and cut these cable ties in half as it seems kind of wasteful to wrap a long cable tie around a couple of thin wires.
  2. If you need the tie to be longer, it’s very easy to combine two of these ties together to make one longer tie.


A year after I purchased this pack of 100 I still have a few left, and the ones I am using are working great.

If you have a mess of cables behind your TV or Computer Desk, I suggest you spend the six bucks and get this great pack of 100 Velcro Cable ties.

Reviewed by Shawn M Tierney

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