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Yurbuds – Earbuds which don’t fall out

The faster you jog, the more likely your normal earbuds headphones aren’t going to stay in. This was the problem my wife and I were having this summer as we kept increasing the speed at which we did our morning runs.

Now I do own (and have tested) many different types of ear buds. From new and old Apple models, to the soft foam type, to the gel type. But every model eventually and repeatedly fell out of my ears during my morning runs.

Then my daughter told us about a new earbud (Yurbuds) on the market that was guaranteed not to fall out while you run.

So my wife and I went to the store in search of this new product. After looking around for awhile, we found the all white Yurbuds Inspire model on sale so we picked up a couple of pairs.

Now if you know me you probably would have expected me to get the “all black” model as everything I have is “all black” (car, shoes, sneakers, laptop, cell phone, ipad, xbox, etc, etc.) But this time my frugality won out as I could not turn down the 50% deal on the  “all white” models 😉

When I first opened my new Yurbuds I thought I needed to perform some complicated manever to get them into my ears. I actually made the whole process more complicated than it is. You really just put them in slightly rotated, and then turn the earbuds a little so the wires are pointing straight down.

I’m no audiophile, but I would say Yurbuds sound just as good as any other earbuds I have owned. And more importantly they magically they stay my ears for my entire 5K morning run (which I’m now doing at over 7mph.)

Having used my Yurbuds for for two months now I can confidently give them two thumbs up and the Shawn’s Reviews “Editor’s Choice.”

By Shawn M Tierney