Green Chormakey Muslin Backdrop

Green Chormakey Muslin Backdrop

Vendor’s Description: Cowboy Studio Seamless 10 X 12ft Chroma Key Green Muslin Backdrop

May is “Home Studio” month at Shawn ‘s Reviews, and all month long we’ll be reviewing items large and small which you may come to find quite useful if you are putting together your own recording space.

Review: If you’re looking to film using a green screen, this seamless chormkey muslin backdrop from Cowboy Studios is an affordable option.

While this model measures 10ft by 12 ft, I’ve also purchased their 6×9 and 9×15 sizes as well.

Note that when you receive the backdrop you will likely need to lightly iron it before using to remove the wrinkles made from the backdrop being folded for shipment.

I also recommend using clamps to hold the backdrop taunt, as well as lighting it from each side to minimize your subjects casting their shadows on it (shadows make editing your video more difficult.)

Another tip – don’t place your subjects too close to the green screen or they may end up with a green tint reflecting onto them.

Reviewed by Shawn M Tierney

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