Nature’s Enchantment Review

Nature's Enchantment

Nature’s Enchantment Review

If you’re looking for audio to relax to after a stressful day, let me recommend the Nature’s Enchantment CD by Marina Raye.

From evening crickets, to peaceful stream-side bird song, to the sound of waves lapping the shore, these natural backgrounds blend in perfectly with the peaceful rhythm of Marina’s flute. Just a few minutes sitting back listening to this album quickly relaxes even after the longest of days.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can listen to representative samples of each track using this link – Natures Enchantment – to the Amazon product page.  As I own this album (as well as everything I review) I can confidently say the track samples accurately represent the product as a whole.

As far as buying choices, you can get all sixty minutes as MP3 download for under $7. Or, you can buy the physical CD for under $14, and still download the MP3’s with Amazon’s excellent “auto rip” feature.

By Shawn M Tierney