Total Stretch for Beginners Review

Total Stretch for Beginners

Total Stretch for Beginners

I took up jogging this March, and after nine months have settled into the rhythm of jogging every other day. But for some time I wasn’t sure what to do with on the off days?

As an automation specialist, I spend my days either in front of a keyboard, or behind a steering wheel. As a result, the older I get the less flexible I feel. In fact, if I working outside for awhile it becomes more and more difficult to straighten up after bending over for long periods.

So while taking up jogging has had many positive side effects, one it hasn’t had is increased flexibility. With that in mind I decided to fill in my off days with some light weights and stretching. I already had a weight routine chosen, but needed a routine for stretching. Searching the web I came upon the “Total Stretch for Beginners” DVD. Since it had a reasonable price and a hundred reviews averaging 4.5 out of 5, I purchased it.

The DVD is divided into three parts which can be done separately or together. The three parts are “Standing Stretch,” “Sitting Stretch,” and “Floor Stretch,” and each section is roughly ten minutes long.

Once I learned the stretches I really began enjoy my time spent stretching to this DVD. The moves are easily preformed, and Tamilee Webb does a gold job of walking you through each one. I especially appreciate how the DVD is divided up into three section as it allows me to skip a section if I’m running late.

If you’re a beginner at stretching like I am, I think you’ll also find this DVD very helpful (and actually quite relaxing.)

By Shawn M Tierney