Nature’s Enchantment Review

Nature's Enchantment Review If you're looking for audio to relax to after a stressful day, let me recommend the Nature's Enchantment CD by Marina Raye. From evening crickets, to peaceful stream-side bird song, to the sound of waves lapping the shore, these natural backgrounds blend in perfectly with the peaceful rhythm of Marina's flute. Just a few minutes sitting back listening to this album quic...[Read More]

Gentle Persuasion – Sounds of the Bayou Review

Gentle Persuasion – Sounds of the Bayou When I first put “Sounds of the Bayou” in the stereo, I thought I was going to love it. It sounded just like sitting by a lake as the sun went down. Crickets and other sounds felt right and relaxing. Then 50 seconds in, growling? I'm a northern boy and won't pretend to know what it is, but it's not relaxing. Thankfully it didn't last very l...[Read More]

Echoes of Nature, Rainforest Review

Echoes of Nature, Rainforest In 2008 I was on the hunt for great nature soundtracks. I ended up purchasing over a dozen CD's, and this one has become a favorite. The CD, titled “Echoes of Nature, Rainforest,” is an hour long and consists of three blended tracks. The first track is titled “Jungle Rain.” It's a mix of light rain, crickets, and occasional bird song. While very...[Read More]

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