Replacement Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

Replacement Hampton Bay

Ceiling Fan Remote

Vendor’s description: Replacement for Hampton Bay Reverse Ceiling Fan Remote Model UC7078T / FAN-HDv. 3 speed (H, M, L) Light on/off and dimmer, reverse function

Review: It can be quite frustrating when you have a perfectly good ceiling fan but the remote control for it is dead.

Especially if that’s the only way you have to turn the fan and light on or off.

But it’s even worse when the only replacement remotes you can find are going for $50-$60 dollars. For that price you could almost replace the whole ceiling fan with a new one!

Then again, each fan you replace means hours of your life lost to the task, and it just doesn’t feel right tossing something out that only needs a new remote.

Then this new product comes along, an affordable replacement remote control for Hampton Bay ceiling fans. When I first came across it I couldn’t believe my good fortune and I ordered one right away.

After it arrived, I popped the back off and installed a new 9v battery. Then I started stepping through the dip switch settings to see which might be the setting needed to make this remote work with my fan.

About halfway though I found a match that gave me control of my old Hapton Bay Ceiling fan and light, and I was a very happy camper.

So if you have an old Hampton Bay ceiling fan that needs a replacement remote, and this remote looks like the one that came with your fan, I suggest giving it a try as it worked well for me and only cost me $10.

Reviewed by Shawn M Tierney

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